Information for researchers, educators, and geeks

Beebytes aims to service both the beekeeping and research communities. To this end the data generated by the community will be publicly accessible while preserving beekeepers’ right to anonymity.

data portal

The data portal will serve to provide an access point to the data generated by the community. Data will be aggregated and support a range of filters.

For educators, in due course, this resource could be used to monitor temporal and geospatial trends in genetic admixture, landscape quality (through pollen analyses), and pathogen demographics (through gut microbiome analyses). Therefore providing a rich dataset for educational use.


Beebytes is engaged in ongoing academic research and product development. Some of these activities will result in the generation of resources that will be of interest to the academic community. Presently we are generating a drone HapMap and developing a graph genome using publicly available sequence data (NCBI, ENA). These resources will be available via this platform in due course.